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Industry Lecture, Photography

#4 Photography in the Emergence of Digital Age

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This lecture, title ‘Photography in the Emergence of Digital Age’, finds continuity from the lesson before, and elaborates in detail regarding the utility and role of the photographic medium before and after the invention of the digital platform, in the beginning of the Postmodern era. The session begins by explaining the mechanism of the first electronic camera built by Eastman Kodak engineer Steve Sasson, and move onwards to speak of the creation of the world’s first digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera by Japanese company Nikon, and through a comparative framework, discusses the similarities and differences between the working mechanisms of the analogue and the digital format.

The lesson will then progress to elaborate on the conceptual capacity embodied by the digital photographic device, simultaneously with notes made comparatively to that of the analogue, for example, on instantaneity of imageries, on the increase in photographic making accuracy, on various image post processing methods, and on the economic relevancy between the digital and the analogue. The session will then proceed to look at the relationship between the photographic and the natural sciences, and speak of how the photographic device assist in the development and progress of the sciences, whilst emphasising the intrinsic quality of the truth value in photographic images, consider the implementation of photographic technologies unto scientific tools like the microscope and telescope, and proceed to elaborate with examples, particularly the famous example concerning the verification by Arthur Eddington on Albert Einstein’s ‘General Theory of Relativity’, which indicates that gravity is indeed a wrapping of the space-time fabric effected by presence of mass.

In the next section, this lecture will consider how the invention of the digital technology impacted the cultural and the arts, from contribution to the global cinematic phenomenon, to the rise in amateur moving and still image makers, culture of television watching, and to how it changed the practices of artists today.

Photography in the Emergence of Digital Age is part 4 of The Evolution of Photographic Language lecture series held at DECK.​

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Event Information

8 March 2018
8:00pm – 9:30pm
DECK Activity Space
120A Prinsep Street 187937 Singapore + Google Map
Organised by DECK
6734 6578