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ABOVE, BELOW showcases two bodies of work developed in relation to opaque boundaries drawn up by people and nature alike. In their own areas, the two reach into limited visibilities, feeling the way through with instruments peripheral to the camera.

The Dove Shed by Lin Mingxiu
The Dove Shed is a structure which the artist’s father built by hand. Spending more than a third of his waking hours with his avian companions, it is a place only the father visits. The Dove Shed has its significance developed over the past decade. The existence of such private space provides a glimpse of understanding into the destructive nature of traumatic experiences and its ability in reconstructing an individual’s perceptions of our external world. In the process of interacting with the space, the psychological and emotional changes buried in the silence of the father are explored and contemplated by the artist. Trusting photographic elements in providing an interpretative framework, the artist also relied on the act of painting in creating a complete body of work whereby the perspective of a daughter is implied in the art making process.


Hands of the Sun by Philip Ho
It is believed that it is impossible for information to travel faster than light. As a result, the eyes are one of our most used senses when it comes to gathering information. Much of our technological advancements also revolve around this belief, and it is difficult to imagine finding a single person who has not had their communication process enhanced by either taking or viewing pictures. This gift however, is not without quirks. Images collected by cameras tend to be limited by the framing and single point of view where they are collected by the camera’s sensor. Because of this human photography tends to face certain limitations, and it is worth exploring photography of non-human design.

Presented by ADM School of Art, Design & Media.

Supported by DECK.

Opening Reception
4 May 2018, Friday, 7:30pm

Artist Talk
12 May 2018, Saturday, 3 – 4pm

Artist Tour
17 May 2018, Thursday, 8 – 9pm

Event Information

4 May 2018 –
19 May 2018
DECK Gallery 1 & 2
120A Prinsep Street
Singapore, 187937 Singapore