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Artist Talk, Photography

Documentary as Contemporary Art by Chou Ching Hui

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Theatre of Reality: Solo Exhibition of Chou Ching Hui serves as a point of discussion and examination of the power of photography as a documentary medium, and in the face of complexities in reality, how image-maker Chou Ching Hui seeks alternative approaches to comprehend and record the conditions of the world we live in.

While inspired by social issues and events, Chou believes that the storytelling aspect of fine art photography is a more effective way of presenting and annotating familiar stories in our surroundings.

Join Chou Ching Hui on this artist dialogue as he shares his artistic approach on interpreting true stories through near-theatrical representations.

Theatre of Reality: Solo Exhibition of Chou Ching Hui
Opening Reception & Guided tour
Saturday, 27 January, 7 – 10pm

Exhibition Period
23 Jan – 25 Feb 2018
DECK Galleries 1 & 2

Event Information

28 January 2018
2:00pm – 4:00pm
DECK Activity Space
120A Prinsep Street 187937 Singapore
Presented by DECK