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Imagining Future Athletes

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Set in a hypothetical future sporting event “The Metalympic Games”, Imagining Future Athletes uses visual metaphors to project how emerging bio-technologies might impact sports in the future. In particular, this exhibition focuses on visualising the physical bodies of athletes in the future, and how they may be enhanced and altered to achieve greater performance in sports.

It is not the intent of this project to be scientific. Rather, this exhibition hopes the use of visual metaphors to project future enhanced athletes will subtly provoke thoughts and discussions on the issues of human enhancement in sports.

Imagining Future Athletes asks – What lengths should we go to push the boundaries of the human body and species? Should athletes modify themselves to have enhanced ‘powers’ or to become human-machine hybrids for the sole purpose of achieving record breaking athletic performance? What would enhanced athletes of the future look like? How will emerging biotechnologies alter the nature of sports?

This exhibition is designed and organised by Elizabeth Zhang.

Opening Reception
Friday, 13 April 2018 at 7pm

Event Information

13 April 2018 –
15 April 2018
DECK Gallery 2
120A Prinsep Street
Singapore, Singapore 187937 Singapore