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Interwoven: Stories of the Tenun Ikat Sumba

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Listed as one of UNESCO’s intangible heritage, the Tenun Ikat Sumba is the pride of the Sumbanese people. The renowned textiles are made from hand-spun cotton and are woven and naturally dyed in the small villages of the Sumba island. These traditional resist-dye fabrics are exclusive and worn only at special ceremonies. The intricate patterns and motifs speak of their cosmological beliefs and their kinship to nature. Unfortunately, the making of these beautiful woven textiles are under threat from the diminishing numbers of trained weavers and the simultaneous increase of industrialized production. Preserving this is not only an important part of retaining their cultural heritage but also towards pushing the sustainable development in Sumba.

Uncover the unique stories of the people of Sumba, their close affinity with nature and their land through an intimate showcase of these woven tapestries.

This exhibition is organised by Jennifer Wiriawan.

Opening Reception
Friday, 13 April 2018 at 7pm

Event Information

13 April 2018 –
15 April 2018
DECK Gallery 1
120a Prinsep Street
Singapore, 187937 Singapore