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Theatre of Reality: Solo Exhibition of Chou Ching Hui

Chou’s first solo exhibition in Singapore traces his photographic practice from 1990s to recent work at MOCA, Taipei 2015. Having started with straight photography in 1990s, Ching Hui’s documentary works bear witness to the life of leper patients in Happy Life Leprosy Hospital.

Upon encountering complex turns of events that have shaped the world we live in, Chou has sought alternate ways to explain and to record such complexity in society by staging the realities with representation, and occasionally unflinching satire. The representation in Wild Aspirations revealed and demonstrated the innocent dreams of rural children, which far exceeded the mere existence of technology. On the other hand, Fined Taipei was a study of traffic photographs serving as evidence for monetary fines. The ironic overtone continues in Animal Farm, which is staged within a zoo where moments of realities unfold.

Ultimately, the Theatre of Reality serves as a point of discussion and examination of the power of photography as a documentary medium, and in the face of complexities in reality, how image-maker Chou seeks alternative approaches to comprehend and record the conditions of the world we live in.

Image: Part of Fined Taipei 16 by Chou Ching Hui

Opening Reception & Guided tour
Saturday, 27 January, 7 – 10pm

Documentary as Contemporary Art Artist Dialogue by Mr. Chou Ching Hui
Sunday, 28 January, 2 – 4 pm

Event Information

23 January 2018 –
25 February 2018
DECK Gallery 1 & 2
120A Prinsep Street
Singapore, 187937 Singapore
Presented by DECK
DECK Galleries will be closed between 14 - 22 January for installation of Theatre of Reality by Chou Ching Hui. We will reopen on Tuesday, 23 January, 12 - 7pm

Join us and Chou Ching Hui for the Opening Reception & Guided tour of Theatre of Reality on Saturday, 27 January, 7 – 10pm

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