DECK is a contemporary institution where all can gather through photography arts. We are built on the support of a community and envisioned as a space where growth can happen organically with the community at its heart. DECK aims to be a leading platform that promotes visual literacy and champions diversity by showing all facets of contemporary arts and photography to the widest possible audience.


DECK is a contemporary institution that nurtures new ideas and new thinking in photography. It aims to:

• Promote literacy and champion diversity in photography arts.
• Present all facets of photography to the widest possible audience.
• Cultivate photography as a contemporary medium of expression.
• Bridge global conversations through international contents and discourse.
• Be a conduit between artists and the public.


D-E-C-K as an acronym represents how we think photography can transcend time and space. Our arts space on Prinsep Street is a physical embodiment of these ideals:

Discovering diverse contemporary values through photography.
Engaging all minds in new ideas and critical thinking in photography
Connecting the global community through the exchange of visual cultures.
Knowledge sharing through photography, public programmes and workshops.

Our Story

In 2013, Art Photography Centre (APC) proposed a dedicated gallery in the city centre for contemporary photography. This space would embody the belief that photography should be for everyone. A small team then roamed the ground and pitched to several agencies before arriving at a small vacant plot of land on Prinsep Street. This would become home to DECK.

With the help of generous public donations, the site was activated with a temporary structure composed of 20 repurposed shipping containers. We envisioned this art space to speak for a generation and serve as a conduit between the community and the artists.

DECK was officially launched on 3rd October 2014. It houses a photobook library, a workshop studio, an artist studio, three gallery spaces and an analogue darkroom. The library currently holds 3,823 publications, of which 1,600 were generously donated by Steidl Publishing.

Today, DECK continues to push the boundaries of photography with curated year-round exhibitions, education programmes and artist residencies. Notably, it has been home to the Singapore International Photography Festival (in its 7th edition in 2020).

Central to DECK’s ongoing mission is the development and promotion of literacy in photography arts. DECK aims to be a leading photographic institution that champions diversity in contemporary arts and photography in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


Gwen Lee
Artistic Director

Jay Lau
Operation Director

Juhardi Mohd
Education Manager

Dawn Yeong
Partnership Manager

Shauna Goh
BUILDECK Project Manager

Starleen Elva



Board Members

Mr Kelvin Mun

Ms Ho Hui May

Mr Ho Tzu Yin

Mr John Clang

Ms Gwen Lee

Ms Lau Mei Leng