Artist-in-Residence (A.i.R.)

Artist-in-Residence (A.i.R.) is a year-round programme at DECK that aims to nurture new and experimental photographic endeavours in Singapore and Asia. In a free and conducive environment, the artist-in-residence gets to hone and develop their craft through various supporting activities such as field trips and industry consultations. Each round of A.i.R. concludes with an exhibition presenting new works produced during the residency, accompanied with public talks, tours and workshops helmed by the artist.

  • A.i.R. is open to all-year round application, and open to all nationalities
  • Interested artists working with the medium of photography may apply by submitting the following information to
    1. CV & Bio
    2. Portfolio in PDF format ( & website url if applicable)
    3. A cover letter proposing a project to carry out in Singapore
  • Response to applications will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks
  • Duration of A.i.R. ranges between 2 months to 3 months depending on the nature of project
  • A.i.R is also open to curators and historians whose research are in the field of photography

A.i.R. #05: 13 Apr to 5 May 2023

Poklong Anading
A.i.R. #05: 13 Apr to 5 May 2023

Hu Qiren
A.i.R. #04: Jun to Aug 2019

Dunman Higher 

Tristan Cai
A.i.R. #03: Dec 2018 to Jan 2019, Apr 2019

The Aesthetics Of Disappearance

Abednego Trianto
A.i.R. #02: Feb, Jul to Aug 2017

From Darkness to Light (Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang)

Liana Yang
A.i.R. #01: Jul to Sep 2015

With Someone Like You
The Two of Them