Liana Yang


Liana Yang is rarely motivated by direct beauty, but rather by the aesthetics of social and sociological interactions. She is drawn to the trivialities and oddities that we encounter in our daily experiences. This includes the enigmatic and unseen aspects of relationships, as well as explorations of memory and associations in our contemporary culture. 

By combining photography and installation works, her methodologies usually employ sex as the starting point, and involve subversions with sexual references and objectification. A process she hopes will offer a compelling discourse in understanding societal views. Her fascination with sex as a visual language ironically grew from repression, after born and raised in a religious family where sex is often a taboo subject.

She recently concluded her post-residency solo show at DECK, Singapore. Her works have been showcased at Nooderlicht International Photofestival, The Netherlands, Arles Photography Open Salon, France, Singapore Art Museum@8Q, Artissima 19, Italy and Warsaw Photo Days, Poland.  Her three self-published photobooks were also selected and showcased internationally, such as The Photobook Shows in Brighton, UK, Helsinki, Finland, Malmo, Sweden and Tokyo, Japan.