The inaugural student education programme was launched in 2012 during the 3rd Singapore International Photography Festival, with the aim of raising levels of visual literacy among secondary and tertiary level students. We saw photography as a powerful means of personal expression and empowerment. As a bridge between the arts and sciences, it also had great potential in promoting cross-disciplinary learning. So far, we have reached out to more than 8,000 students across various schools and institutions.

We are proud to announce three new student education programmes for 2021! Expose your students to all sorts of photography form.

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DECK Student Education Programmes

The following programmes are approved for 2021.


Creative Digital Photography Programmes

Basic Photography (Primary & Secondary Level)

Exhibition-Making Workshop

From Still to Motion

Staging Stories: Creative Studio Photography

I Am A Young Photojournalist

Face to Face: Creative Portraiture (Primary Level)

Food Photography


Analogue Photography Programmes

Cyanotype: The Art of Sun Printing (Primary & Secondary Level)

Zine Making Workshop


Download the DECK Student Education List here .

Enquiries on fees and schedule

Please email Please make bookings at least three weeks in advance of the intended start date of the workshop. 

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