DECK Student Education Programme was launched in 2012 with the primary goal of elevating the levels of visual literacy amongst our primary, secondary and tertiary level students. We firmly believe that Photography is a powerful means of personal expression and an intuitive way to communicate how we see our world. By developing our student’s photographic line of inquiry, our courses are designed in mind to not only to equip our young people with the essential technical skills, but to also enable them with the visual vocabulary to express creative ideas through Photography.

At DECK, we also offer a range of traditional darkroom workshops, providing our young people a glimpse into the rich histories of Photography, allowing them to slow down and appreciate the craftsmanship and connect with the roots this art form in our contemporary world. By bridging the gap between the arts and sciences, it paves the way for exciting cross–disciplinary and diverse learning opportunities.

To date, DECK has engaged over 9,000 students from various schools and educational institutions, making a lasting difference in their educational journeys.

A selection of our more sought-after educational offerings are included in the National Arts Council-Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) and listed down below. For the full catalogue of our educational offerings, please kindly write in to


This workshop is an exploratory series catered to students who are interested in Photography. Students will learn about photography’s progression as an artistic medium and pick up technical skills to help them create compelling images using a DSLR camera and fundamental post production skills. Through engaging activities and discussion, students will learn to view the world in a different lens and develop their creative vision.


Through the Viewfinder covers both theory and practical exercises that aims to equip students with fundamental skills to create a photo series. Given the diverse activities within the school, instead of genres, this workshop focuses on the fundamental structure of create a photo–series and understanding the ways and approach to verbalise creative ideas through Photography. Through this course, students will learn to develop their photographic line of inquiry, and understand the various strategies in approaching the photographic medium.


With cameras with video functions that can be easily accessed today, this workshop designed to introduce students the basics of video production. Students will learn about storyboarding, conceptualising, scripting, editing and lighting techniques to produce their very own video. Students will be able to create their own motion pictures that tells an enthralling story using their video creation knowledge.


Exhibition-making is a skill that blends storytelling, aesthetics, and production management skills to realise experiences that inspire. The Exhibition-Making Training Programme offers students a valuable opportunity to arm themselves with the necessary skills to conceptualise, develop, and execute their own exhibitions.

Through the process, students will also learn of a wide range of exhibition types and acquire skills to better read and understand future exhibitions they visit as well. By covering both theoretical as well as technical aspects of exhibition making, the Basic programme equips students with a versatile set of skills encompassing exhibition conceptualisation, art writing, and artwork handling. With the more extensive programmes, students can not only expect more in-depth training on key exhibition-making skills, but learn project management and exhibition programming skills as well.


Is owning a camera the only way to take a picture? Absolutely not! Back by popular demand, this hands-on workshop will introduce students to one of the oldest forms of print-making in an inexpensive and interesting way. Witness how a combination of science, nature, and art can produce some of the most beautiful and sublime images.


In this course, students will be introduced to working within a studio context and understand how artificial lights can be utilised to craft creative photographs. They will learn how to set up speedlights and to illuminate their subjects — be it still life or people — effectively. Students will be then guided to apply these technical skills to construct a fictional narrative of their choice.


Fees and Schedule

All of our programmes are modular and customisable in length & syllabus based on your students’ learning requirements.

Please feel free to reach out to us at 8777 3804 or write in to us at to learn more about how we can work with you. 

We request that bookings are to be made at least three weeks in advance of the start date of the workshop to allow for effective organisation of resources and lesson materials.