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Contemplating Images: History and Theory of Photography

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To inspire individuals to cultivate a continual contemplation and a deeper understanding of the exceptional complexities of photography, DECK presents, Contemplating Images: History and Theory of Photography. A photography course happening this October.

This course consists of 6 public lectures by DECK to promote insightful thought and further understanding of the photographic medium. Differing from the previous public lecture series on the history of photography, this new course consists a total of six individual lessons across three weeks and focuses upon significant critical ideas and philosophical concepts that are important to the theoretical understanding of the photographic medium.


Course insights:

(11st Oct) Lesson 1 Reality and the Mirrored World

Exploring the intimate relationship between the photographic medium and reality, as well as its capacity for realism, representation, and the ideal.

(14th Oct) Lesson 2 Knowledge and the Sphere of Truth

Discussing the epistemic properties associated with the photographic, the subsequent possibility of knowledge, the subjectivity and objectivity of images, and the medium’s extraordinary relationship with the sciences.

(18th Oct) Lesson 3 Movement and Storytelling

Investigating photography and its development into moving image, how the two mediums share and differ in conceptual perspectives, and how they both embody the capacity for narratives in their unique ways.

(21st Oct) Lesson 4 Abstraction and the Experimental Spirit

Focusing upon photography’s shift from realism into formal abstractions through discussing important theoretical frameworks that ground the premise of such change in aesthetics.

(25th Oct) Lesson 5 Colour and Poetic Progress

Surveying the photographic medium and its search for colour, through studying the different principles and examining the various experiments that led to the greater replication of our world through photographic images.

(28th Oct) Lesson 6 Meaning and Future Possibilities

Considering the conceptual framework and theoretical ideas that marked a shift in photographic practices in our contemporary age to include meaning and messages, as well as examines the many roles and functions of the medium in both our society and our individual lives today.


This course will be conducted by none other than speaker, Sebastian Mary Tay, an interdisciplinary artist and educator. Having graduated from The Glasgow School of Art with Master of Research and Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fine Art, Sebastian’s works has been exhibited in the UK, Lithuania, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. Some exhibitions include ‘Something Above; Somewhere Beyond’ at FOST Gallery (solo exhibition, Singapore), Glasgow Open House Arts Festival (group exhibition, UK), Bus.Stop.Art (public installation, Singapore), ‘Sandstorm in an Hourglass’ (group exhibition, Singapore), ‘Utopia’ (group exhibition, UK), and The Society of Scottish Artists annual exhibitions.

Starting week of 11th Oct,
Monday & Thursdays
8PM to 9:30PM

Purchase Tickets here: https://deck.sg/product/contemplating-images-by-sebastian-mary-tay/


For General Public
$30 per session
$150 bundle of 6 sessions

For Students
$15 per session
$75 bundle of 6 sessions

*Scholarship for Students

DECK is giving away 3 FREE Admission Passes to students.
Email meet@deck.sg to tell us why you think this course would be beneficial to you.
Selected applicants will be required to provide a 50 to 100 words statement reflection post-course.
Only students may apply.
Deadline 30 September 2021

Event Information

14 October 2021
8:00pm – 9:30pm