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Undescribed #8
Andrea Danker, Harshita Agarwal, Joshua Kon, Lisa Peh

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Undescribed is an annual platform conceived to support emerging artists based in Singapore who have recently graduated from local and overseas art institutions. The exhibition presents works that challenge and rethink current image-making practices, suggesting new ways to approach photography and the moving image within the field of art today.

Undescribed is a term used in taxonomy to refer to new species that have not yet been named and categorised. It aptly labels the early stages of these emerging creators, a period of discovery and experimentation both for their individual practices as well as with their explorations into the medium of photography.

This year’s edition of Undescribed features artists Andrea Danker, Harshita Agarwal, Joshua Kon and Lisa Peh, mentored by visual artist Robert Zhao Renhui and independent curator John Tung.

25 March, 4pm to 6pm
RSVP to irdina@deck.sg or Register here

We are delighted to have Dr Cheryl Loh, DECK’s patron and art collector, as the Guest of Honour at the Opening Reception.

8 April, 2pm to 4pm
$10 per pax
Register here

Peace Centre, #02-06
25 March—21 April 2023
Tues to Sat, 11am to 7pm

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25 March 2023 –
21 April 2023