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What Artists Read #3
Woong Soak Teng

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The third volume of What Artists Read will feature artist Woong Soak Teng, on the 6th of July, this Saturday.

In awe of natural phenomena and nature at large, Soak ponders on our human tendency to control and go against them. Her works often develop alongside natural processes in hopes of learning from them, embracing whatever medium that makes sense. At the core of her explorations lies the inquiry of what nature is in our present reality. 

She views the book form as a versatile medium with exciting possibilities, using it to organise thoughts intuitively, as well as to embody ideas.

What Artists Read is an artist-led book sharing programme that hopes to ignite an innate interest to explore books beyond conventional reading material. This programme provides audiences with the opportunity to hear from artists on books that inspire and shape their practice and voice. Held in DECK’s own library of photobooks collected and donated from around the world, the sharing session also hopes to create an awareness of DECK’s resource-rich open library and to encourage a deeper engagement with books and photography.

Admission is free and limited to 20 pax per session. The session is an hour-long, and includes a sharing and a question and answer dialogue.

6th July 2019,
Saturday 2pm – 3pm

Admission is free.

Event Information

6 July 2019
2:00pm – 3:00pm
DECK Library