DECK galleries organises and hosts several local and international exhibitions all year round, including three regular exhibition series organised by DECK annually:

Undescribed is an annual platform for emerging artists to present new ways of approaching photography and the moving image within the field of art today. The exhibition presents works that challenge and rethink current image-making practices. Undescribed aptly labels the “unknown” stage of these emerging creators, a period of potential and experimentation, both for their individual practices as well as their explorations into the medium of photography.

Crossing SEA
Crossing SEA is a research-based exhibition series initiated by DECK which examines the development of photographic practices in Southeast Asia. Curators from the region are invited to present new works on contemporary photography from their respective countries.

The TRACE series is a research-driven showcase exploring areas of scholarship related to Singapore photography which may have been overlooked or understudied. 

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