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DECK Associate Creative Programme 2021

* This Event Has Passed
* This Event Has Passed


1 JULY – 2 AUGUST 2021


120A Prinsep Street
Singapore 187937



The DECK Associate Creative Programme offers creative thinkers from around the world an opportunity to create and disseminate new knowledge pertaining to the photographic medium, its associated practices, and its transformations. Taking photography as both vantage point and point of departure, DECK Associate Creative Programme the programme seeks to connect voices in the global exchange of visual culture through the development of new content.


Event Details

Over a three-month period, Associates will be provided a modest honorarium towards the development of new research culminating in the form of exhibition proposals, scholarship & publications, or education programmes & outreach activities. These outcomes correspond to the three pathways of the Associate Creative Programme – Associate Curator, Associate Scholar, and Associate Programmer. With a strong focus on uncovering contemporary community values and ideals, the programme places an emphasis on the proposal’s ability to generate new knowledge while bridging cultural divides.

As an entirely off-site programme, with communication maintained through technological means, the programme welcomes applicants based in Singapore and abroad. Candidacy proposals will be solicited through an open call process, and evaluated by DECK’s team based on relevance, originality, and feasibility. Shortlisted candidates will also be accorded an interview to present their proposals.

Provisions & Expected Outcomes

The ‘DECK Associate Creative Programme’ provides successful Associates with the following:
– Honorarium of SGD2500 for the 3-month duration.
– Access to DECK’s resources
– Capacity building and support from DECK’s network of creative professionals
– Where feasible, resources towards the realisation of research outcomes.

Following the three-month research period, Associates are expected to deliver:
– A report detailing their research findings

– A digital copy of research notes for archival purposes

– An exhibition proposal, a piece of scholarship & publication, or education programme & outreach activity, depending on their chosen pathway

– A public presentation of their creative outcomes from the programme

Requirements for the ‘DECK Associate Creative Programme’ are as follows:
– A personal statement not exceeding 500 words rationalising their interest in the programme.
– A robust research proposal indicating their pathway of interest and research outcomes
– Updated curriculum vitae

The ‘DECK Associate Creative Programme’ is open to applicants of all nationalities, ages, ethnicities, genders, and stages of professional development. Applicants will be evaluated on the merits of their submitted proposal in conjunction with their proposal presentations.

For interested applicants, submit the following information:
1) A personal statement (max 500 words) rationalising your interest in the programme.
2) A robust research proposal indicating the pathway of interest and research outcomes. A simple budget proposal will be helpful for evaluation
3) Updated curriculum vitae

Application deadline: 2nd August 2021
Send your application to meet@deck.sg, indicate subject title: Application for DECK Associate Creative Programme