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* This Event Has Passed
* This Event Has Passed


10 APRIL – 8 MAY 2017


120A Prinsep Street
Singapore 187937



OPEN DECK is an annual arts and design market that gathers the community to participate, to contribute to the arts & creatives, and to support the ongoing programmes at DECK.
From ground zero, DECK art space embody the spirit of creation, a local ground-up initiative which believes in creating valuable experience and encounters with photography in Singapore. 85% of DECK’s year-round programmes is free admission to enable accessibility to the arts. Our programmes have unearthed young talents, gather common resources for the community, and foster artistic development of local and international practitioners. While DECK is a recipient of National Arts Council’s Major Company Grant, 65% of the annual expenditure is covered by public donation, sponsorship, programmes fees and rental revenue. This fundraising fair is an opportunity for you to be involved, be connected, and be part of the vision.


Event Details

The current selection features well-known individuals, independent studios and publishers curated by award winning designer and founder of Kplus Gallery, Pann Lim, founder of Books Actually, Kenny Leck and director and co-founder of DECK, Gwen Lee. Some of the confirmed participants include Basheer Graphic Books, Knuckles & Notch, Holycrap, Loren Ipsum Store and many more to come.

Peripheral to the market, are hands-on workshops on photography and printmaking, F&B vendors and to top it off are performances by established local musicians – Intrigruant and NADA. Happening within the vibrant and trendy container art space of DECK, the event is expected to attract many supporters of the art scene in Singapore.

Last May 2016, OPEN DECK has attracted over 2000 visitors. Now with bigger space (outdoor and 3 galleries), and creative selection, we are expecting 3,000 visitors, and new audience for all the participants. We truly enjoyed the company you provided during our previous event, and we believe your participation and support will bring great opportunities for all of us.
We hope that your participation in OPEN DECK will mean new potential followers to your business, networking sessions, and support worthy cause for the arts in our city.

Deadline: 8th May, Mon, 7pm
If you offer any of the following, we want you!
Art: Photos, Paintings, Prints, Sketches, Music, Publication, T-Shirts etc.

Crafts: Sculptures, Pottery, Crafts, Handmade Accessories etc.
Food & Beverage
Workshop: Arts & Craft workshop for children and adults
*Sales of second-hand clothes, merchandise, and items non-related to arts & crafts are not allowed.
Dates: Saturday, 27th May, 12pm – 10pm and
Sunday, 28th May, 12pm – 6pm
Location: DECK | 120A Prinsep Street, Singapore 187937
Donation fees: SGD$200 (no other commission charge)
All vendors will be provided with:
1 table (2ft x 4ft) and 2 foldable chairs.
F&B vendors will be located at the outdoor courtyard. DECK will provide vendors with tentage and electrical point.