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Pictures in the Mind

* This Event Has Passed
* This Event Has Passed


25 MARCH – 21 APRIL 2023


Peace Centre
1 Sophia Road 228161



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Pictures in the Mind is the finale to DECK’s 8-months’ exploration at Peace Centre. This exploration encompasses research on the old, nondescript mall through public contributions, exhibitions by artists at disused retail units in September 2022 (during the 8th biennale Singapore International Photography Festival), and a series of conversations with Peace Centre’s tenants and visitors. This final act of activation presents 5 exhibitions by 7 Singaporean artists, alongside a multi-media heritage showcase by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Arts Business Management’s students.
Although the overarching title references the latent image, Pictures in the Mind goes beyond the one-dimensional exploration in photography with the aim of casting a broader investigation and exploration of the medium. In this final act, each artist attempts new ideas behind an image; the relationship between space and time, the tension between space and place, the association of memories in constructing images, and the contextualisation of pictures in social and personal domains. In these explorations Peace Centre, takes on the role of the space and time stamp for the artists’ works.

Event Details

7 Jan (Sat), 2PM to 4PM
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14 Jan (Sat), 2PM to 4PM
Lim Zeharn and Lim Zeherng, Song-Ming Ang, Syahrul Anuar

15 Jan (Sun), 3PM to 5PM
Ang Song Nian, Ernest Wu, Daniela Monasterios-Tan

Image: External Receptacles and Signals by Ang Song Nian

Design: Factory


Ang Song Nian, Daniela Monasterios Tan, Ernest Wu & Syahrul Anuar, Lim Zeharn & Lim Zeherng, Song-Ming Ang