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Is it possible to stimulate the senses, so that light can be heard and sound can be seen?
SUPERSONIC invites the audience to visualize sound and explore a transfer of the senses, a phenomenon known as synaesthesia.

Event Details

In this exhibition, Antoine Wagner constructs a language of landscape photography from the Swiss landscapes that inspired the music of Richard Wagner. His pictures sit in the line of romantic landscape art, in which the individual seeks, by contemplation of nature, physical contact with transcendence. Antoine continues this language today to the essence of silence found in the desert panoramas of Morocco, and the glaciers of Austria.

This exhibition, which explores the relationship between sound and image, is a collaboration of perspectives from the eyes and the ears of the artists and the viewers themselves.

Antoine Wagner is a French/American visual artist, photographer, and filmmaker, born in 1982 in Evanston, IL, who lives and works in New York and Paris. He holds degrees in theater, political science, and film studies. The great-great grandson of Richard Wagner and great-great-great grandson of Franz Liszt, Wagner’s work is expressly contemporary.

Wagner has been the subject of solo exhibitions at The Völkerkunde Museum Hamburg (2015-2016), PSBZ Hamburg (2016), La Filature de Mulhouse (2015), the Opera Bastille in Paris (2013), Henn Gallery in Munich (2011), Liszt Concert Hall in Raiding , Austria (2009) among others.

Notable group exhibitions featuring his work include: BredaPhoto, Holland (2016), Patrice Chereau: Musée Imaginaire at La Fondation Lambert en Avignon(2015) and The Open at Jeffrey Deitch Projects (2009). Public collections: La Fondation Lambert en Avignon, the Hermes collection in Paris and the Völkerkunde Museum Hamburg.


Antoine Wagner