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The Unstable Image

* This Event Has Passed
* This Event Has Passed


26 NOVEMBER 2023


11AM – 4.30PM


Level 1, Peace Centre
1 Sophia Road, Singapore 228161





Organised by independent curator and arts writer, Clara Che Wei Peh, The Unstable Image is a one-day symposium that delves into the realm of post-photography and our evolving relationship with images in an increasingly mediated world. The symposium will focus on artistic practices and discourses engaged with thinking about photo manipulation through technology and how such new technologies shape our relationship with images.

The Unstable Image is presented as part of the DECK Associate Creative Programme.

Symposium Line-up

Overview of Symposium’s Schedule
10.30AM: Registration Open & Light Refreshment
11.00AM: Panel #1—Between Fact and Fiction
12.00PM: Panel #2—Reading Images
01.00PM: Lunch Break
02.00PM: Un-conference
03.30PM: Panel #3—Responding to Prompt: The Unstable Image
04.30PM: Symposium End & Networking

Panel #1

Between Fact and Fiction

11:00AM – 12:00PM

Bringing together three artists who work across historical archives and rigorous research to produce images that walk the line between fact and fiction, this session considers the role of ‘truth’ in these artists’ practices. These artists have worked with traditional methods of photography as well as digital image generation and manipulation, and will shine a light on how they work across these dimensions in the session.




Marvin Tang

Visual Artist
Marvin uses images as a tool of investigation. His research questions the linearity of historical narratives and the notion of collective identities. His works stem from the effects of policy-making to shifting social structures. He is particularly interested in applying this research to Singapore, attempting to investigate its own historical account and relationship to her expanded narratives across the globe.


Jonathan Liu

Visual Artist & Adjunct Lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts
Jonathan Liu’s practice delves into the complex relationship between the Human and the Non-Human, utilising a range of darkroom photographic techniques and Deep Learning, he is interested in showing the fallibility of the process of recollection and recreating encounters of the Sublime experience. He is the recipient of the NAC Arts Scholarship.


Robert Zhao Renhui

Visual Artist
Singaporean visual artist Robert Zhao Renhui works mainly with photography but often adopts a multidisciplinary approach by presenting images together with documents and objects. In the past two years, the Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ) has been researching and documenting nature in urban cities, gathering a varied collection of research materials that merge factual and fictional elements. By surveying the impact of human beings in the city, the ICZ maps out lines of interaction and retreat It also investigates dynamics of connectedness and confrontation triggering reflections on states of vulnerability and conditions of survival in the age of globalisation.




Clara Che Wei Peh

Independent Curator & Arts Writer
Clara is an independent curator and art writer in Singapore. Her practice centres around emerging technologies and experimental practices. Her curatorial projects have included: “Notes From the Ether”, ArtScience Museum, Singapore; “Proof of Concept”, Co-Museum and Appetite, Singapore, and “Generating/Iterating”, The Upside Space (all 2023). She was also Curator for Art Dubai Digital 2023 and Art Lead at Appetite 2021-2023. Her writing has been published on The Brooklyn Rail, Hyperallergic, Yishu: Journal of Chinese Contemporary Art, Art and Market, along others. Clara holds a BA in Economics from Yale-NUS College and MA in History of Art at Courtauld Institute of Art.

Panel #2

Reading Images

12:00PM – 1PM

In this session, we question our relationship to images in an age where anything and everything can be generated and/or manipulated. Contextualising within wider art histories and visual cultures, this discussion prompts: how can we read images today, and tomorrow?




Debbie Ding

Debbie Ding is an artist who builds virtual worlds in physical and digital media. Her ongoing PhD research explores virtual worlds in games as a medium for artistic practice. Selected exhibitions include “Worldbuilding” (Julia Stoschek Foundation, 2023), “Radical Gaming” (HeK Basel, 2021), “Wikicliki” (Singapore Art Museum, 2021).


Fang-Tze Hsu

Curator, Singapore Art Museum (SAM)
Hsu Fang-Tze is a curator at the Singapore Art Museum (SAM), with previous experience as a lecturer in the Department of Communications and New Media at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and a curator at the NUS Museum. Over the past decade, she has extended her expertise beyond academia, actively engaging as a curator, film programmer, and archivist. Her collaborative efforts with artists, art historians, and institutions have been the most important aspects for her in defining her practices. Her current research pursuits revolve around the nuanced exploration of sonic modernity, Cold War aesthetics, and the convergence of critical curation historiography with a decolonial pedagogical approach.


Dr Marc Glöde

Assistant Professor, School of Art, Design, and Media (ADM), Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Marc Glöde (PhD) is a curator, critic and film scholar. His work focuses on the relationship between images, technology, space, and the body, as well as the dynamics between fields such as art/architecture, art/film, and film/architecture. He received his PhD at The Free University of Berlin and has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, the FU Berlin, Academy of Fine Arts Berlin, and was Assistant Professor at the ETH Zürich. Since 2017, he has been an Assistant Professor at NTU ADM, Singapore, and Co-Director of the MA in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices.




Nurul Huda Rashid

Nurul Huda Rashid is a researcher-artist completing her dissertation on images of Muslim women in the data turn. Her research has been articulated through projects such as Women in War and Hijab/Her. Nurul hopes to adopt a cat someday.



02:00PM — 03:15PM

The Un-conference session invites all participants of the symposium to partake in open discussions of topics relevant to “The Unstable Image”. Moderated by artists partaking in DECK’s Undescribed #9 alongside with SERIAL CO_, the Un-conference draws from the symposium participants’ collective knowledge and concerns for our photographic landscape, and is a platform for mutual exchange.




Angelica Ong

Visual Artist
Angelica Ong (she/her) works primarily in photography and artist books. Two main threads in her practice are slow art and language. She is intrigued by ephemera, the human body, everyday subject matter (like trees, birds, eggs, and light), multilingualism, and translation. Effusing fragility and a meditative quality, her work acts as pause, breath, space, inviting the audience to wander, examine the world closely, and discover monumentality in minutiae. In addition, she seeks to decentralise the primacy of English as an institutional language by working in multiple languages, which she often leaves untranslated. Ong has exhibited work in solo and group shows at SAIC SITE Sharp Gallery (Chicago), W. Gallery (Chicago), Probe Chicago (Chicago), Mana Contemporary (Chicago), and starch (Singapore) and has been named one of the Top 26 to Watch for the Lenscratch Student Prize 2023.


John Marie Andrada

Visual Artist
Based in Singapore, John Marie Andrada (b.2001, Philippines) recently graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from LASALLE College of the Arts in partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London. Growing up and taking root in a foreign country, she explores notions of identity, memory and time mainly through photography, ink and experimental image making. At present, her works are on view at Haridas Contemporary, and Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore. She has also been featured at Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore (2022) and FassArt Gallery, Istanbul (2021) and was part of the 9th Dali International Photography Exhibition (2021) in China. She is also a recipient of the Special Choice Award for the 41st Daegu International Grand Exhibition (2021) in Korea, as well as the Winston Oh Travelogue Award (2023).


Jake Tan

Jake Tan (b. 1994) is a New Media Artist, Adjunct Lecturer at Nanyang Technological University, and Co-Founder of SERIAL COMMUNICATION. His studio focuses on the innovation and exploration of new-age Dynamic Digital Formats, the integration of Digital Intervention within Traditional Art-making Practices, as well as the strategic advancement of Experiential Development within domains like Creative Technology, Blockchain, and Extended Reality (XR) applications.

Central to Jake’s artistic practice is the merging of nature, technology, and society. His creations have found exposure through exhibitions and artistic residencies spanning Singapore, Austria, and Germany. Crafting his New Media Art entails thorough technological exploration and innovation, encompassing microcontroller and electronics programming, 3D printing and scanning, programming for digital platforms, creation of AR/VR/MR experiences utilizing game engines, in addition to projection mapping and XR-centric user interface and experience design.

SERIAL COMMUNICATION, the creative studio founded by Jake, has garnered incubation grants from the Infocomm Development Authority (Singapore), Singapore Management University and Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Media, and Design. Jake’s educational background includes a BFA degree in Interactive Media (2020), complemented by his pursuit of a MiniMasters™ in General Management (2021) at Nanyang Business School.


Panel #3

Responding to Prompt: The Unstable Image

3:30PM – 4:30PM

With emerging technologies such as text-to-image generation, language plays a new role in the imaging of our future. This session invites three practitioners engaged with creative writing and poetry to respond to the new intertextualities that may be surfacing, with this uncertain image of our future photographic landscape as their prompt.




Chrystal Ho

Chrystal Ho is a writer from Singapore who works with poetry and nonfiction. A former Creative Resident with the National Library, she is currently pursuing her Masters in Creative Writing.


Kong Yin Ying

Writer and Editor
Kong Yin Ying is a writer and editor. She was conferred an MA in Writing from the Royal College of Art, a BA (Hons) in Design from Goldsmiths, University of London, and the National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Overseas Undergraduate) in 2015. Recent projects include Climates. Habitats. Environments. (MIT Press and NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore) and NOIT—5: bodies as in buildings (Flat Time House).


Paul Jerusalem

Writer, Creative, Researcher
Paul M. Jerusalem (he/him) is a writer, creative, and researcher. Born in Singapore, his writing dwells on what it means to be in the spaces between. He is interested in issues of race, diaspora, transnational identity, gender, and sexuality.