The installation specially created for the Singapore Night Festival 2015 during DECK’s Artist-in-Residence programme (A.i.R.), comprises over 1,200 pages from Romance novels. The artist redacted the pages, leaving behind words and passages that incline to the eroticism and lovers’ clichés often synonymous to this book genre.
The installation examines the ‘rapture’ experienced in love and relationships. The sense of being wrapped up in exhilaration and pleasure when falling in love, or in the presence of someone whom we have amorous feelings for. Via eroticism, the overwhelming emotion of being caught up in the moment or swept off the feet is often linked to this intense pleasure and exhilaration.

The presentation of the installation explores the compulsive & obsessive nature of attaining and maintaining this state of delight in a relationship. While the artist’s redacted text creates a censoring and representation, which also looks at the communicating dysfunctions shared in relationships. However the feelings of rapture may enrich our lives, the work questions whether the enchantment of being in this state of constant rapture is essential or a fantasy.