Past A.i.R

The Two of Them
by Liana Yang | July – September 2015

In this mixed media showcase combining installation with photography, Singaporean artist Liana Yang presented experimental works and ideas fomented during DECK’s inaugural Artist-in-Residence (A.i.R.) programme.

Examining the subtleties, nuances, contradictions and pitfalls of modern romantic relationships, the works seamlessly switch lenses between the personal and the sociological while pushing the boundaries of image creation and representation.

Spread across all three levels of DECK including the exteriors, the exhibition presented three new bodies of work — Drinking Lovers’ Spit (2013), Forever is a Long Time (2014) and Year 0 (2015), as well as an installation specially created for the recent Singapore Night Festival, With Someone Like You.

From Darkness to Light (Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang)
by Abednego Trianto | August – September 2017

In an old Javanese saying, the role of a woman is cooking, dressing and giving birth (masak, macak lan manak). The domesticated role of women is being contested and rewritten in the historiography of the colonised Dutch East Indies and post-colonial Indonesia.

Through deconstruction of Raden Ajeng Kartini’s letter titled “From Darkness to Light” and myths, the model of ‘ideal’ Javanese woman has been uniquely presented through political and social agendas.

About the Artists
Liana Yang
is rarely motivated by direct beauty, but rather by the aesthetics of social and sociological interactions. She is drawn to the trivialities and oddities that we encounter in our daily experiences, including the enigmatic and unseen aspects of relationships. Her works have been showcased at locally and internationally, with the most recent being the Nooderlicht International Photofestival in Netherlands.

Abednego Trianto
Abed is known for his interest of the stories surrounding ethical policy in Dutch occupancy and its influence of post-colonial Indonesia. His photographs has been exhibited internationally including the Chobi Mela Photo Festival, the Singapore International Photography Festival and the Noorderlitch Photo Festival.