Dear Vol. 1: Lost and Found


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Publisher: Do Not Design
Publication Date: 2015
Book Size: 30.5 × 22.0 cm
Pages: 182 pages
Binding: Softcover

The first volume “Lost & Found” of the zine DEAR collects works by Singaporean photographers (Ang Song Nian, Aik Beng Chia, Caleb Ming, Cleo Tsw, Debbie Ong Gie, Ernest Goh, Esther Goh, GT Gan, John Clang, John Nursalim, and Yang Tan).
With a broad spectrum of subjects and genres, the issue interprets and explores its titular theme “Lost and Found” in a variety of ways – John Clang’s series “The Land of My Heart,” for example, juxtaposes the iconic ‘Singapore Girl’ of Singapore Airlines with everyday landscapes of the city, alluding to the problems of identity and preservation in a city as rapidly rearranging itself as Singapore. Ernest Goh’s “Man of the Forest” explores a completely different subject by portraying a young chimpanzee in front of a white background – its facial expressions, its hands, its ears.
A fun, humorous and imaginative magazine dedicated to curiosity and experimentation.