Good Night


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Good Night

by Feng Li

Published by Jiazazhi

150mm X 225mm X 25mm

Softcover, 352 pages, including 187 photos and 1 poster

In 2017, when Jiazazhi made photobook White Night for Feng Li for the first time, he brought plenty of photographs to the studio. They were immediately shocked by his colour photos. As a result, the black-and-white photos were put aside at that time. But he told them that the black-and-white was the starting point of White Night. From then on, the sense of “white night” comes to be his muse. “This is the way of the world, and it is a state of uncertainty”, he says. From that moment, he always maintains an instinctive viewing and a direct way to shoot.

Despite the difference in color between White Night and Good Night, there is still Feng Li’s way of seeing this world. He defines these photos are monochromatic instead of black-and-white in the traditional sense. In his eyes, black is more than just black. To him, this book is a farewell, farewell to the good old times.

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