Home Sweet Home


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Home Sweet Home by Anton Gautama is a one-year journey into the evolution of the Chinese-Indonesian culture. It is the story of a harmonious marriage of two beautiful creatures, three centuries in the making. It was not a journey without obstacles, but it certainly was one with countless rewards.

There is a story in each frame, hope and dreams embedded and encrypted beneath the layers of objects that fill the space. Walls displaying pictures of joyous achievements and traumatic miseries, the good-old-days and the modern reality that stole their thunder.

A home is more than merely a dwelling place, it is a monument where stories are carved and histories are made. Whether it is an aging third-generation family home or a modern private home, there is this air of familiarity, a connection, a deep sense of longing. A pride in calling it a Home Sweet Home.

Hardcover | 106 Pages in full colour
Size: 24 x 28 x 2cm
Publisher: Afterhours Books, 1st Edition

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