Long Hug Town


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Takahiro Mizushima
12.8 x 18.2 cm, 176 pages
Binding, Softcover


While wandering on the streets at night in Ota Ward, Tokyo, where he has a deep attachment, he scoops out human unknown energy and emotions with his whole body sense.
It establishes the relationship between the air that emanates from the place and the people who live there, and resonates with your own memories and experiences.
A photograph of Takahiro Mizushima, where young and old men and women who use the street as a place of life are photographed like a giant life form, have repeatedly wandered since boyhood, there is no preparation for the future, there is a blown away existence My memories of when I was only allowed to slide in.
“That the snapshot is wriggling are many things look like. Drowning man to the eyes, seems like everything in life can be seen in a few seconds” (William Klein)
snapshots of life FIG.
Here, memories of past events, people we met, and places where we lived are overwritten in the hearts of lonely people living today.