DECK’s bespoke tea “MIRROR” is specially concocted by Pek Sin Choon (白新春茶庄), one of the oldest tea merchants in Singapore.

Mirroring the society we live in, art and photography emerges as a medium reflecting contemporary culture. The theme Mirror references an integral part of the camera’s mechanics as a tool for image-making. Through these dynamics, photography can surface the invisible.

Made in Singapore

Ingredients: 10 years-old aged White tea, Chrysanthemum flower, Gold Dust
Made in May 2022     18 months shelf life.
Taste: Mild, Smooth, Complex, hint of flora
Color: Pale yellow with a tint of beige

Each ‘tea biscuit’ is good for 5 servings, and 3 rounds of brewing.

1 bundle comes with 8 ‘tea biscuits’.

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