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Edy Purnomo, Jakarta

14 years, and passing has become an important milestone for me both professionally and personally. From the passing of time, friends, sadness, joy, successes, failures. I am humbled by the power of time. By its immortality and the continuous cycle of discovery.

For me, photography has been a spiritual journey through thoughts and minds. A provocative journey. A journey of meeting people and interacting with different individuals and elements… imprinting it not always in film or in memory cards, but always in my heart.

PASSING is a humble attempt to collect my photographic imprints from1998–2011 –as a photojournalist, as a street photographer, or whatever else people would call it. For me, this is a visual mozaic of my journey. A visual contemplative approach to my life as a unity. As a husband, a friend, an uncle, a son, a photographer, and a tiny morsel in the universe.

Just as things are not always archived chronologically in one’s life, the photos in PASSING aren’t either. They are organised intuitively based on their place in my personal journey through time.