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Shen Chao- Liang, Taiwan
172 pages, 88 images
Hard Cover with casing
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Performing groups in the form of cabarets, song and dance ensembles, recreational bands, or even in the name of entertainment companies, are mobile performing troupes endemic to Taiwan, where their customer base and show content are inextricably interlinked. They have been around since the 1970s, with song and dance performances as their principal act, and have made regular appearances in all sorts of occasions — from weddings, funerals to festivities. Stage trucks, the subject of this photo series, are mobile “carriers” exploited by the said performing groups still active and widespread in Taiwan’s plebeian society, molding the collective memory of the Taiwanese people.

In the early days, in addition to the conventional makeshift staging still in use today, there were also modified trucks furnished with stereo and simple keyboard equipments. But with the advancements in technology, coupled with the thirst for quality audio visual effects, both from the business owners and audience, the stage has progressively developed into the likes of electronic floats or foldable mobile hydraulic trucks we see today.

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