The April Photo Society


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The April Photo Society
by Xu Yong

Designed by Jiazazhi
Published by The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, in July 2021

Size: 180*250*70mm
Binding: Sewn perfect binding, hardcover with a jacket

THE APRIL PHOTO SOCIETY is the very first non-governmental organization of photographers established after the Chinese Cultural Revolution. From the late 1970s to the early 1980s, the society presented three groundbreaking exhibitions to introduce new ideas and skills of photography to the Beijing audience. Among these, the first exhibition held at the Zhongshan Park on April 1, 1979  is generally acknowledged as a landmark event in the history of contemporary Chinese art. Thus, the April Photo Society not only opened a new chapter in the history of photography in twentieth-century China but also made a profound influence on contemporary Chinese art and literature. Due to the lack of relevant materials, the history and contributions of the society has not been thoroughly studied. This new collection has revealed for the first time comprehensive primary sources and discussions about the society, as well as twenty interviews with its members.

Included three-set Perspective, On the scene and A document.

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