Through their Eyes [Peace Centre]


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Through their Eyes [Peace Centre]
by Lim Zeharn & Lim Zeherng, ZZ

Edition of 60

Through their Eyes [Peace Centre] is a two-part photographic series documenting the various promotional faces found in Peace Centre and their corresponding points of view. Stock people, decorative animals, and cartoon figures – these noncharacters residing in the mall stare out blankly and bask in a spirit of optimism, completely unperturbed by their vulnerable circumstances following the successful en bloc sale.

Living on borrowed time, the indifference of the printed portraits is exacerbated by accompanying gloomy glimpses of Peace Centre, taken incidentally through their gaze. The resulting set of diptychs engages viewers in a perspective-taking exercise, oscillating between first- and third-person to uncover a curious contradiction. Part of an ongoing project exploring the inherent tension between space and place by

Through their Eyes has four different cover designs; TOTO Man, Fortune Cat, TCM Lady and Spectacle Boy.