Wayang Wayang—15 Jan, 6pm


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Peek into the backstage preparation of troupe actors from the Shuang Ming Feng Hokkien Opera as they transform into different characters from classic opera plays with stage makeup, costumes, and props. 

The Shuang Ming Feng Hokkien Opera (双明凤闽剧团) is a professional Hokkien opera troupe established in 1986. The troupe formed with the rise in demand for traditional Chinese street opera performances in the 1990s. Backed by a repertoire of experienced performers, musicians and innovative staging, the Shuang Ming Feng Hokkien Opera gained a foothold in the competitive market, staging over 250 shows every year.

30-minute session.
Limited to 10 participants.

15 Jan, Sat, 6pm to 6:30pm
DECK, 120A Prinsep Street