Lim Sokchanlina is the founder and an active member of the art collective Stiev Selapak / Art Rebels (2007–) and co founder of exhibitions spaces – Sa Sa Art Gallery (2009 – 2010), SA SA BASSAC (2011–), as well as Sa Sa Art Projects (2010-­‐). He works across documentary and conceptual practices with photography, video, installation and performance. Using different strategies, he calls attention to a variety of social, political, geopolitical, cultural, economic and environmental changes in Cambodia in relation to the globe.

A Studio of One’s Own is a series of online dialogue sessions that seek to reach out internationally to the quiet voices of Southeast Asia, catching up on their changing creative routines having been confined to their own home space. In casual conversation with DECK, the invited artists speak about their adaptation to the inevitable changing circumstances whilst sustaining their artistic practice.

With the second season of A Studio of One’s Own, led by guest curator John Tung, we continue to bring the community closer through another exciting series of conversations with 8 artists from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.