Workshops/House of Photography

In light of COVID-19 measures and closure, DECK has prepared a series of programmes which you could continue to create, to watch and to read while keeping yourself and family members safe at home. Do head over to to enjoy our activities.


To learn and to create is part of the process to appreciate photography at DECK.

Our workshops span across analogue and digital photography to editing and making your own photo zines. DECK workshops are carried out in small group sessions that bring like-minded individuals to explore and to share the joy of creation over the weekends. For the latest updates, be on our mailing list or follow us on Facebook.

Upon special requests, DECK could tailor unique classes for interest groups and corporate companies. Please approach our friendly educator Juhardi at for details.

House of Photography (HOP)

HOP was a mobile analogue darkroom built in 2012 to engage public in the history and beauty of photography. Over last 8 years, HOP has been expanding its capability to include large format enlarger and color processing. This analogue facility is also available for rental for photographers to continue this analogue process. For more information, please contact

* HOP is closed till further notice with COVID-19 measures in Singapore.