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Singapore Young Photographer Award (2024): Terms and Conditions

01. Introduction

a. The Singapore Young Photographer Award (“SYPA”) is organised by DECK Photography Art Centre Limited (“DECK”), or referred to as the “Organisers”. By registering for an account and/or submitting an application for SYPA, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be modified from time to time and DECK reserves the right to change these terms at any time, without prior notice and at its sole discretion. Any changes and updates will be posted on this site.


02. Eligibility

a. The Junior Category of the SYPA 2024 is open to applicants of all nationalities, ethnicities, genders who are based in Singapore and aged between 13 and 18 years old (at any time in the year 2024).

b. The Youth Category of the SYPA 2024 is open to applicants of all nationalities, ethnicities, genders who are based in Singapore and aged between 19 and 25 years old (at any time in the year 2024).

c. The Photo Club Category of the SYPA 2024 is open to applicants of all nationalities, ethnicities, genders who are based in Singapore and aged between 13 and 25 years old (at any time in the year 2024). Applicants may tag their respective Photo Clubs, Societies, Collectives, Groups in the submission form when prompted to. There is no requirement for such Clubs to be legally-registered. (See Para 4e)

03. Selection Process and Grading Criteria 

a. All eligible entries will first be reviewed by the DECK Team to create a longlist of entries. The longlisted entries will then be further evaluated by a jury panel, appointed by DECK, to form a shortlist and determine the award winners.

b. DECK’s decisions regarding the selection process and the awarding of all prizes, as well as in all situations not expressly covered by these Terms and Conditions, shall be final and binding on all participants. No queries, appeals, or disputes concerning DECK’s decisions will be entertained.

c. The grading criteria for each categories as as follows:

1. Junior Category: Technical Competency; Visual Aesthetics; Thematic Responsiveness.

2. Youth Category: Innovation and Creativity; Visual Coherency; Thematic Responsiveness.

3. Photo Club Category: No. of Submissions per Photo Club; Overall Quality of submissions.


04. Submission Definitions and Requirements

a. Participants are required to submit a series of photographs that responds the following theme: “Worlds Within”.

b. The requirements for each categories are as follows:

1.  Junior Category (13—18 years old): a Portfolio of five (5) to seven (7) Images that relates to the theme and max. 150 words caption for how your portfolio responds to the theme

2. Youth Category (19—25 years old): a Photo Series of seven (7) to ten (10) Images that relates to the theme and max. 200 words caption for the photo series

3. Photo Club Category: Applicants are to tag the name of their Photo Clubs and its affiliated institution (if applicable) within the submission form.

c. For the Junior category, a “Portfolio” is defined as a collection comprising five (5) to seven (7) images, which are not required to possess a conceptual link among them.

d. For the Youth category, a “Photo Series” is defined as a collection comprising seven (7) to ten (10) images, which are required to possess a conceptual link among them.

e. For a Photo Club category submission to be deemed eligible, you must have an eligible submission in either the Junior or Youth category. The submission platform will prompt you to tag your Photo Club for consideration under this category. You may only tag one (1) Photo Club per submission. Photo Clubs may be either affiliated with an established institution or operate as independently organised collectives, and there is no requirement for the Photo Club to be a legally-registered entity. Any repeated submissions will be deemed eligible at the sole discretion of DECK.

f. Diptychs, triptychs, and multiple-image compositions are permitted and will be regarded as a single set of images, judged as one (1) image. To satisfy the portfolio or series size requirements of the respective categories, you must submit between five (5) to ten (10) sets of images, as applicable.

g. The submission must not contain profanity, demeaning representation of violence, or direct attacks on individuals or organisations. Any entries deemed offensive will be disqualified.

h. Photographs submitted must be taken from 01 January 2023 onwards. Any submissions taken before the stated period may be disqualified. Applicants may have to submit the RAW and/or unedited files upon requests for verification.

i. Digital enhancements, including but not limited to colour, sharpening, contrast adjustment, and the conversion of colour images to black-and-white are allowed, provided that the authentic representation of the subject matter is retained.

j. All photographs must be made with a camera or phone camera. There is no restrictions on what type of camera that may be used. Applicants may choose to use film cameras, digital cameras, handy cameras, drones, so long that it is made by a camera. 

k. In the context of SYPA, artificially-generated photographs are strictly prohibited. The use of generative artificial intelligence, including but not limited to generative fill, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, in any entry will result in automatic disqualification.

l. The original digital file, negative or slide of prize winning entries must be submitted for verification upon notification, failing which, the entries will be disqualified. 

m. Submissions that does not adhere to the dimension requirement may be disqualified.

n. Submitted images must not have been previously used for commercial purposes, published or won prizes in other competitions, locally or abroad.


05. Submission of Entries

a. Entry to all SYPA 2024 categories is free.

b. Each entry must be submitted via Judgify platform, at the following link here. No submissions via hardcopy or email will be accepted.

c. Entries may be shot either on film or digital cameras, and must be submitted as separate image files in jpeg format with minimum 2000 pixels (px) on the longest edge of each image.

d. Each file should be a minimum of 2MB and not exceed 10MB in size. No watermarks, identifying marks or signatures are allowed for images entered into the competition.

e. The submission deadline is Sunday, 29th September 2024, 2359hrs.

f. The Organiser will not be liable for technical, hardware, or software failures of any kind or lost or unavailable network connections which may limit or prohibit an eligible entrant’s ability to participate in the competition.


06. Prizes

a. Where applicable, all prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.

b. DECK reserves the right to replace any prizes with items of similar value without prior notice.


Qty Junior


1st Prize


  • $1,000 Cash Prize
  • $200 Camera Rental Centre Voucher
  • Certificate


  • $2,000 Cash Prize
  • $300 Camera Rental Centre Voucher
  • Certificate


Merit Prize


  • $500 Cash Prize
  • $50  Camera Rental Centre Voucher
  • Certificate


  • $1,500 Cash Prize
  • $50 Camera Rental Centre Voucher
  • Certificate


Photo Club


  • $1,000 Cash Prize
  • $1,000 DECK Workshop Voucher
  • Certificate



07. Copyright and Intellectual Property

a. The images submitted must be an original creation by you. 

b. In submitting your images, you hereby declare that you are the sole owner of the copyright and any other intellectual property rights in your submission and hereby agree to indemnify the Organisers against any losses caused to them by any third party claims whatsoever. 

c. You hereby acknowledge that the submitted images must not violate the rights of a third party or any copyright. The Organisers are not responsible for intellectual property infringement that might have resulted through the submissions of projects.

d. You will have to submit all RAW and unedited files with metadata upon request for the purposes of credibility verification.

e. By submitting their images to SYPA 2024, applicants agree to grant the Organisers free of charge, non-exclusive rights, royalty-free, worldwide rights to publish, reproduce, make available the submitted images in any manner and media, including without limitation, the right to publish, adapt, distribute, copy, display or translate in printed or electronic media, including but not limited to the following:

aa. Operating, administering and promoting the competition;

ab. Displaying the entrant’s submission on the Organisers’ website and/or Partners’ website and/or social media accounts and/or future digital environments;

ac. Issuing a media release or making media pitches;

ad. Fringe activities, roadshows, exhibitions and in publications both printed and online.

f. It is your legal responsibility, not the Organisers or its partners, to ensure compliance with all ownership and copyright requirements, and you expressly acknowledge that you own the rights to reproduce the photograph(s)

g. The Organisers undertake to mention the full name of the artist and artwork on all image and work reproduction, and to not reproduce the work in such a way that it will intentionally cause damage to your reputation.


07. General and Indemnity 

a. The applicant agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Organisers, its affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, directors, agents, and representatives from any and all claims, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or in connection with the applicant’s entry and participation in the contest, or the use of the applicant’s submitted photograph(s) by the Organisers in accordance with these rules and regulations.

b. DECK reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest or any of the arrangements, schedules, plans or other items directly or indirectly related to the contest, at any time and for any reason if deemed necessary.

c. DECK reserves the rights to changes to the contest details  and it can be made at the discretion of DECK at any time.

d. DECK reserves the right to replace any prizes with items of similar value without prior notice.

e. DECK reserves the right to disqualify any applicants and entries without prior notice should the applicant or entry be found to have been tampered with; violated any of the rules stated above; engage in any conduct that is detrimental or unfair to the competition.

f. Applicants who participate in SYPA acknowledge that participation is voluntary and agree that the Organisers shall not be held liable for any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising from the applicant’s participation in SYPA, or from the acceptance or use of any prize awarded.

g. By starting the submission process on our submission platform, you agree to receive email updates and communications about the DECK and SYPA, of which you may unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

h. By providing your personal data and signing this form, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of my personal data by DECK for the purposes of administering and marketing SYPA.

h. In the event of disputes regarding Terms and Conditions of the SYPA, DECK shall have the right to make the final interpretation and decision.

i. The Terms and Conditions of the SYPA shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore


08. Enquiries  

a. For any general enquiries regarding these terms or technical difficulties accessing the form, please reach out to the DECK team at sypa@deck.sg.